That’s what this altar is for; You don’t have to carry those burdens anymore. There’s a light in the darkness and there’s a love that’s true. Go quickly now before they close the door – That’s what this altar is for.”

Ray Boltz

Hebrews 4:12-16 “People are really messing up the church!” Oh? Since “all have sinned and fallen short,” and “nothing in creation is hidden from God’s sight.” What would this altar be for, if not to display to people God’s mercy and grace?

  1. We like “the word,” but only if it supports our point!
  2. We like the moving of the Spirit, if we can control it!

Our God is a jealous God – There’s not room for two on the throne of our life! Either we, or God will call the shots!

The throne of Grace was designed for us to relate with God! We are welcome to approach the glory of the Holy Spirit to receive help for our less than perfect life just the way we are.

Get ready for an impartation of grace. But that always means change. That is what you’re looking for, isn’t it? Ask yourself this and only honest answers please; “How much change in me will I allow?” That’s what this altar is for.

  1. God wants all of us – not just what we don’t mind Him having. Our body, our soul, our spirit, all of these must be submitted to God, if we really want things to be different. Do we?
  2. While God will release His Holy Spirit upon us to make these changes, we must honestly want them AND we must yield to them. Be responsible and participate with God! Don’t hold anything back – let it all go!

“But is this real?” Jesus said what He was anointed for! If we find nothing else, we should find this at the Throne of Grace as we are ministered to: (Luke 4:18, 19)

  1. Power to share the “good news” to the poor!
  2. Power to proclaim freedom for people in bondage!
  3. Power to give sight to the blind!
  4. Power to release the oppressed or the tormented!
  5. Power to proclaim the season of God’s favour!

We only need to Surrender All!!!

It’s got to start sometime, and Jesus said, “This day…!” what are you waiting on? That’s what this altar is for!

We cannot give this good news, freedom, sight, or release to anyone – not even ourselves – unless we have yielded to God and have received them personally!

I’ve been asked: “How can we ever get free enough to forgive anyone?” That’s what this altar is for. If we will ‘sacrifice’ or boldly put to death those things our pride says we have a right to have, the anointing which destroys the yoke of all our bondages will be given to us.

You might question how this works. The Throne of Grace is where God’s anointing is traded for our need! Isaiah 10:27… “In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat.” (That’s what it means to be prosperous folks).

In other words, God so blesses us that the yoke of bondage will break off us! Under His anointing we will so increase in the power and in the knowledge of the Lord that our old bondages cannot hold us. The point of this message is: This Requires Our Participation! THAT’S WHAT THIS ALTAR IS FOR!

HOW DID JESUS MINISTER: (Catch the connection here in Luke 3 and 4)

  1. (3:21, 22) He was baptized by John and the Holy Spirit descended upon him
  2. (4:1) He was full of the Holy Spirit and was led by it
  3. (4:14) After he conquered Satan with the word, He came out operating in the Power of the Spirit!
  4. (4:19) “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me.”

Acts 10:38 “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and He went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him.”

His entire ministry was covered with the Holy Spirit. Is ours? THAT’S WHAT THIS ALTAR IS FOR! Desire it and receive it. God is liberally pouring His Life on those who truly hunger and thirst for His righteousness. His cleansing fire is here for us. The altar is the place where God’s fire is supposed to fall. Let your Holy Fire flow through us, O God!


If Jesus needed to be anointed with power from above, do we need any less? Don’t get satisfied with the deadness of ‘religion’ when we can have a more abundant life. Take and use all God has for you.