Video created by Kira Barkley – Opening & closing photos by Sara Campbell

Nathan got sick while his children were still in their early and mid teen years and so are hoping that those of you with “Nathan” stories, funny anecdotes, or testimonies of how Nathan and his ministry touched your life would submit them so they can learn more about him. We would be honoured if you would either send an email with your picture and story/testimony, or make a comment. Thank you for celebrating Nathan with us!

And then join us back here as we continue to add his sermons, bible studies, and even his unpublished fictional novel!


  1. The first sermon I heard Nathan preach, was in Woodstock NB. It was entitled, “Who Played the Piano in the Upper Room.” Though they were all in one acCHORD and even it Cornelius of the Italian Band were there to play, it wouldn’t matter, because although there was no music, a requirement in our churches, God still moved. Nathan was one of my favourite teachers at ECABI, especially The Gospel of John and Christian Evidences (Apologetics). I learned so much, including the word ‘existentialism.’ He had a unique sense of humour! A blessing in my life!

  2. Memories are beautiful things none more than at a time like this memorial where your beloved husband, father and grandpa went home to be with his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    I have been blessed to have him as my friend and Pastor (Associate) at Zion Apostolic Church. Nathan loved the word and often used his extensive knowledge of the construct of movies, stories and so forth when preaching. One memory I have is on a Sunday Night , as per usual, he called all the children to the front of the church to sit down and listen to a children’s story that was always woven into his sermon when the story was done. This particular night it was hilarious and required good listening and thinking so the children really understood. What Nathan did was mixed up a large number of classic Bible characters and weaved them into the wrong classic Bible Story. So Noah might have ended up in the Lion’s Den. The children soon caught on this guy is mixed up and they would look at each other at first and cover their mouths to not show that they wanted to laugh at the obvious mistakes. His mixed up story soon got so bizarre they laughed out loud, point at him and they tried to help him get it right!!! It was hilarious and darling at the same time. Naturally as off as his meandering was he somehow ended the story up with a connection to the word for real and his sermon to follow. The children loved the antics. To pull this off obviously took time, deep thought and a love for the literary. Another memory was one time when I was visiting them at Beechy and we came to church all the men including the Pastor were leaving. We found out a little boy was missing at a camp nearby and they were the Emergency Team that was to lead and participate in the Search and Rescue. At that time Nathan’s health was anything but good on several fronts. But he was asked to deliver the sermon that night — cold — with no prep time. He preached a perfectly fitting message from one of the Psalms for the situation that night and he stood unaided the whole sermon which were both remarkable. Sadly, the precious child had drowned but we didn’t find that out until later. One time when they were living in ON they motored back out to Penticton and Pastor Nathan married a couple he had pastored while at Penticton — they obviously thought very highly of him and loved him. But he had an open sore on his leg that really became serious with sugar diabetes so on their way home they only made it to Winnipeg and Nathan had to be hospitalized and Marilyn flew the rest of the way home. So I visited him a lot. One time I forgot my Bible. So he said well just say the 23rd Psalm which I knew well and had said from memory numerous times. But on this occasion I couldn’t remember it hardly at all. Embarrassed I started to apologize. He stopped me and said, “Just say what you remember.” When I was done we both laughed amidst his assurance the Lord would understand — sweet of him. He was a lover of the word and prophetic. He wrote a book which I would call prophetic fiction. The prophecy was accurate and the love entanglements fiction. And it absolutely fits where we are at today, 2021, and will be in the near future too. Sadly, due to his illnesses and other obstacles it never was published. He had a sequel planned for it too. Although, his health hindered his potential and giftings he remained a blessing to all. And Nathan was always madly in love with his precious wife and children which blessed me. I am glad to have known him and sure look forward to seeing him in glory!

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